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Blueberry extract

  • Japanese blueberry extract is taken from blueberries to bring us a lot of health benefits as blueberry fruit is rich in fiber which helps normal digestive function
  • It also contains an antioxidant called anthocyanin present in blueberries which is known to slow down the aging process on nerve cells
  • Blueberry is used for the prevention of cataracts and glaucoma as well as for treatment of ulcers and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Blueberry is also used for improving circulation and as a laxative. It provides anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, anticancer and anti-ageing benefits

Camellia Seed Extract (Tsubaki)

  • It is very precious oil that has been recognized for centuries in Eastern Asia for its highly restorative and rejuvenating effect on skin and hair.
  • It is a very good source of antioxidant.
  • It has impermeability, anti-inflammatory, analgesic; anti-cancer effect.
  • It has outstanding moisture retaining ability leaving the skin smooth and supple. It protects the skin from UV rays, environmental pollutants and also from drying.
  • It is a wonderful skin moisturizer. It is also used for hair massage and hair conditioners.


  • Made in Japan CoQ10 (CoenzymeCoQ10 or ubiquinone) is a substance similar to vitamin
  • It is found in every cell of the body. Our body makes CoQ10 and our cells use it to produce energy that the body needs for cell growth and maintenance
  • It also functions as an antioxidant, which protects the body from damage caused by harmful molecules
  • It prevents major heart attacks, strokes and heart failure as well as reduces blood pressure
  • With the growing age, body levels of CoQ10 continue to diminish. It helps in reverses the aging process which delays ageing thus helping one look younger than their actual age

Royal Jelly

  • It is a protein fabricated by honeybees, which includes several fatty acids, vitamins and minerals
  • It has been used as a highly nutritious supplement from ancient times in Asia.


  • Glutathione is a substance that is naturally produced by the liver
  • Glutathione is involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, for the immune system and making chemicals and proteins for the body
  • Glutathione is orally given for treating cataracts and glaucoma, preventing aging, asthma, cancer, asthma, heart disease (atherosclerosis and high cholesterol), liver diseases, hepatitis etc.

Hyaluronic Acid

  • Hyaluronic acid is the substance that lives in the connective tissue and deep layers of skin to keep it smooth, plump and moist
  • Hyaluronic acid has high viscosity and is a type of mucopolysaccharide of very high water retention
  • Japan hyaluronic acid is abundant during youth and so it is responsible for skin freshness and moisture yet it decreases with age